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Margret's Tutoring

I teach to enhance learning skills in a world of opportunities.

Margret Jerram, Educational Tutor
Grades K-9th

I provide tutoring services for children with developmental disabilities, autism (mild to moderate) and other learning challenges.

My mission is to enhance your child’s opportunity for a positive classroom experience.

This is facilitated by creating an environment offering developmentally and linguistically appropriate practices in an anti-biased environment to foster independent learning.

While taking into account each family’s dynamics, I supplement scaffolding in areas of development in order to support social-emotional, creative thinking, and cognitive development.

My tutoring sessions are directed in a warm, friendly, and positive learning atmosphere using a variety of methods tailored to each student’s learning style. I offer a variety of strategies using visual, cognitive, and tactile learning.

Most importantly, my students are encouraged to develop curiosity and interest for independent achievement.

I look forward to working with you and helping your children prosper throughout their school experience and beyond.

Let’s get started, please contact me for information!


Pre-reading Skills

Reading Comprehension


Essay and Study Skills

Math, History, Science

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